Bellman Day

On 28 July, Bellman Day will be celebrated at Gripsholm Castle with a concert in Hjorthagen and Bellman tours at the castle. This tradition dates back several decades.

Bellman Day will be celebrated with Bellman tours at the castle and a concert in Hjorthagen (the nature reserve park with deers).

Carl Ackerfeldt – this year's Bellman – will perform short musical interludes at Gripsholm Castle in the morning before performing on Bellman Hill, named after Bellman's own musical reflections from his visits to King Gustav III at the castle in Mariefred.

Carl has appeared as a concert soloist at Stockholm Concert Hall, at the Royal Opera's Sweden's National Day concert, as Figaro in The Barber of Seville at Helsingborg Concert Hall, and in a number of performances for The King and Queen. He also works frequently as a troubadour, primarily performing music by Evert Taube and Carl Michael Bellman.

Bellman – ballads and songs

Concert in Hjorthagen
28 July at 14:00
Carl Ackerfeldt performs songs by Bellman. Bring a picnic and enjoy Bellman's music in the beautiful Hjorthagen Nature Reserve.

Price: SEK 170
Concert tickets can be purchased via the Tickets menu button on this page, or at Hjorthagen gate immediately before the concert begins.

Hjorthagen can be reached from the visitor's car park by heading southwest (away from the entrance and the castle). Keep left after Gripsholm School.

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to the Hall of State at Gripsholm Castle.

Bellman tour at Gripsholm Castle
11:30 and 12:30

Bellman was very popular with King Gustav III, and was engaged to entertain the Royal Court during the autumn and winter evenings at Gripsholm. Join us for a guided tour based on Per Krafft's classic portrait of Bellman. Then stroll through the castle with our knowledgeable guide, accompanied by short musical interludes from Carl Ackerfeldt.
Price: SEK 200
Includes entry and tour

Tickets for the Bellman tour External link.

Top image: Carl Michael Bellman, painted in 1779 by Per Krafft the Elder. The image has been cropped. Photo: Nationalmuseum

The opera singer Carl Ackerfeldt is also a popular troubadour and ballad singer. Photo: Confidencen

Listen to Bellman's ballads on the hill in Gripsholm Nature Reserve. Photo: Hans Thorwid